Brothers Isaac and Francisco Guasch Pujol acquire the land where they will build the first Guasch factory in Capellades


Under the direction of Matías Guasch, the factory is expanded with annex buildings, allowing the evolution of the company following the desire for innovation of that generation of entrepreneurs.

1960 - 1980

Between the 60s and 80s, under the leadership of Matías and José Guasch Julià the company modernized all large-scale production processes, to cope with its expansion. This is possible thanks to the "National Textile Conversion Plan" which coincides with the opening of borders on the occasion of Spain's entry into the EEC.


During the 70s the company sold more than 20 million handkerchiefs worldwide.


The first collection of GUASCH pajamas is born


Celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the company.

Josep Abril joins as Art Director, a collaboration that lasts until 2012.


The company moves its commercial offices to Terrassa with the aim of being better connected to the area of most economic influence in the country. The logistics warehouse is located in the Roca del Vallès.


We continue creating new collections, consolidating our national and international presence, bringing our customers those sensations that reflect our garments; feeling at home even if you are traveling; with the quality, comfort and style that have made the brand a reference in textile world.


Matías Guasch Horts launches the first spinning workshop and the Commercial office in Barcelona for its expansion in Spain and abroad.


Reconstruction of the factory after being bomb during the Spanish Civil War.


The company is constituted as a public limited company under the name of GUASCH HERMANOS S.A.


Appears the first television advertisement for the blazer’s pocket handkerchiefs.


The crisis in the textile sector affects the company, which is undergoing a major structural restructuring that forces it to rethink the production processes that until then had been successful.

1993 - 1999

The first organic handkerchiefs made of 100% bleached cotton without chlorine is launched to the market.

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of FC Barcelona, a collection of scarves inspired by the works of Antoni Tàpies is launched.


Creation of the first swimwear collection.


Guasch Hermanos S.L. has born to give a new commercial impulse to the GUASCH brand, which allows the launch of new products and collections.

Men's interiors along with handkerchiefs continue to drive the company's sales.


The company consolidates its international expansion.

The first collection of junior carvings is presented.

Guasch's garments, which have been part of the television imaginary of several generations, appear in the characters of highly successful television series on Catalan Television such as 'Kubala Moreno y Manchon' or 'La Riera'.

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

Guasch implemented initiatives in social matters, with the aim of improving the working conditions of its active workers. In 1934, was the first company creating the first WORKERS' RETREAT, which guaranteed a pension to retiring employees. This was replaced later, by what is now known as Social Security.

Guasch has always applied in all its production processes all the recommendations and ordinances in terms of legal regulations on colorants and dyes. At the time, it had a modern biological treatment plant, installed in Catalonia, for the service of the textile industry.
Currently it continues to encourage and promote initiatives of constant training among its employees.
It is accessed to UNPAPER OFFICE standards in order to reduce the consumption and use of paper as office supplies.

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