For more than 150 years in Guasch we choose the best fabrics and pay attention to details to design and make those garments that allow you to enter your own universe.
In your house, at your home, travelling,… how do you prefer to be?

Every day you choose how to dress, how to relate, where to play sports, but when you are with yourself, also with family.
How do you wish to look like?

At Guasch we want you to connect with your own universe without worrying about anything else. We offer you this space of personal comfort through garments designed exclusively for you.

Handkerchiefs, pajamas, boxers and men's swimsuits to express how you want, when you need it most, wherever you are.

Six generations of the Guasch family, businessmen and workers put every day in your hands the most delicate handkerchiefs, which have given us worldwide recognition, and the most comfortable and suggestive pajamas, in the best fabrics.

Also boxers and swimsuits to make your most intimate and personal homewear complete.

A great group of professionals in a solid project, where ideas and the market evolve in a constant process.

Our Heritage

We want to be ourselves, Mediterranean, from Barcelona, with the passion that has led us to worldwide recognition of our products.

More than 150 years selecting the best subjects with the care that you can recognize in every threat of our garments.

Love to our products and commitment to our customers, the true prescribers of our handkerchiefs, pajamas, swimsuits and boxers.

Our style is recognizable but also adapted to the changes of our customers.

In processes, materials and markets, incorporating the best professionals, own and in collaboration, for the realization of the collections.

Company open to the world and with knowledge of the markets in which it is present.

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